Digital: services

We offer support at 3 levels for the implemention of your digital workplace

1 – the conceptual level

we provide inspiring key notes, workshops, conferences, conversations, moderation

What is it all about? In any case, it’s not about continuing your old way of working with new tools, it’s about redesigning team work at its core. It’s about changing the mindset of managers, team leaders, colleagues, clients. We provide your team with inspiring stories.

2 – the very practical one: implementing a concrete digital workplace

we provide consultancy, virtual and physical workshops and training sessions

Here we are very focused: we only provide support for teams and companies that use Confluence (by Atlassian) as the software for their team work – this is just a matter of building and sharing expertise: you can’t do and know it all.

We help teams in better mastering the tool through on-site and virtual workshops, for groups or one-on-one:

  • better understanding its core philosophy as a wiki tool, which, as a nodes-and-links-based platform offers the same strenghts as the big WWW. This very particular basis, which is completely different than the one offered by Microsoft or Google environments, is a true fertilizer for shifting the way we used to work
  • better mastering the use of the tool : how to build your information sets, workflows, collaborative processes in Confluence
  • for technical set-ups, configurations, customizations, performance system audits – we introduce you to specialized IT companies

Tools do have the potential to truly influence how we behave and think.

We help teams redesigning their work processes, using the capabilities that the platform offers. Most often teams keep on thinking ‘the old way’ (meetings, mails, Word-files) and this prevents them seeing the potential of the new. We open eyes in showing how it can work in other ways. Through demonstration sessions, teams get inspired with other ways of working. This inspiration is the basis for the first use cases to be born on the platform. After that we continue weaving a fabric of use cases together with the team. Champion users get identified and supported to take over our job in very short time.

We develop a strong process focus on “the work” and prefer to focus on the (seemingly) unstructured work, in old contexts mostly supported with “having meetings”, “mail chats”, “Slack channels”, and writing Word- or Google docs (or alike) – which, in the best case, end in folders, just to die.

Next to that, we develop a strong data focus on our corporate information. A huge amount of our work seems unstructured. We learn how to bring structure in it – “the just enough structure” paradigm which is so important for effective and efficient knowledge work.

3 – skills and habits building

We provide on-site and virtual training sessions

We help teams in developing new skills and habits that come with the new way of working and that is based on the model of the network organization. For most teams and organisations this is completely different from what they are used to.

We provide on-site workshops or virtual sessions, for groups or one-on-one, on topics such as:

  • community building
  • conversation management
  • open work and transparency
  • information governance with Confluence
  • structuring & datafying techniques with Confluence
  • wayshowing, searching & finding in Confluence
  • new kinds of leadership that go together with this new way of working
  • social learning
  • content curation
  • how to manage notifications
  • information and web page design with Confluence
  • how to drastically reduce the amount of meeting time
  • how to drastically reduce the amount of e-mails

If you aim at changing team and organization culture, consider


is a programme that combines actions in the digital AND physical workplace, introducing transparency-increasing techniques to grow situational awareness of the complex contexts in which your organisation operates.

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